We Hate the Truth.

I mean we really do. how many times have you gotten in your feelings when someone decides to tell you about yourself? we get upset, moan, and groan. but at the end of the day, what that person said (if they cared about you), you reflected on it, and said, “well damn, they were right.” yeah? it sucked at the moment, but you’re better off when someone told the truth. and it was up to you to change and grow or be gross and get worse.

MLK. man, what a guy. he had his shortcomings, but that didn’t take away from his message. he was a prophet of his time. America, he said (and in the shortest paraphrasing I can do), is sick. and she needs to repent of her racism and treatment of the poor in order to receive healing. oh boy did the nation not like that. this nation hated that message so much, MLK was murdered. and do we still have those problems today? absolutely. why? because we hate the truth. and what we tend to do is create our own truth based off of the situation we’re in until we are comfortable. and when our comfortability is challenged, we run amok.

Jesus Christ. man, what a guy. he was a prophet of his time and even more, a Savior. he didn’t have any flaws, but man was this guy hated. I bet 60 years after his death, the very same people who wanted him dead said, “oh that Jesus guy? I was his biggest supporter. ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ yes, he was good.” but where was that when he was on the earth? Israel, he said (and in the shortest paraphrasing I can do), is sick. she has taken the simplicity of loving my Father and turned it into a mockery of His name. A den of thieves this is. and what happened to Jesus? he was murdered. yes, he died for the sins of humanity. but if you remove that, Jesus was murdered for being honest. he spoke against the establishment of the day. render unto Cesar, sure. but the earth is the Lord’s footstool, so who really owns everything? and more importantly, he challenged humankind to change their hearts, just as MLK did. but change in the heart requires change in the mind. and until we are willing to do that, no.

see, the government can say segregation is illegal. ok it’s law. but is that law written across our hearts? no, it’s not, and you can drive through any major city and suburb and see that. it’s illegal to steal, but if that law isn’t written on your heart, you won’t obey it. and it goes deeper than that. stealing. you can still someone’s innocence, their childhood, their wellbeing. when you kill someone, you have stolen someone’s right to live. Jesus tried to tell us that his Father’s laws were deeper than the physical; that’s why we worship God in spirit and in truth.

This post was inspired by the fact that NFL players will be charged for kneeling during the anthem. This country is so adamant about first amendment rights, and here we are, violating them. Either do what we say or face a penalty. I’m sorry, but isn’t this the exact reason Daniel and his friends were thrown in the lion’s den? Isn’t this the reason they were thrown in the furnace? They said, we’d rather do what God wants than what man demands.  Maybe it’s different and my argument is flawed. but seriously? These men kneel because of the mistreatment not just of black people, but of all humankind. and now they are getting fined for that? for declaring that America needs a Savior? for kneeling out of respect for our veterans who are treated like shit? for kneeling in response to the deaths at the hands of police brutality? they’re getting fined for that?

I want to scream into the void.